AXONE 4 is unique worldwide for its diagnostic coverage, robustness and simplicity.

  • ROBUST: AXONE 4 is not only pleasant to look at, but it is also extraordinarily robust. Designed following the military regulations MIL STD 810, it is able to resist in the most hostile situations that often occur in the repair environment.
  • WATERPROOF: AXONE 4 is resistant to liquids. If it accidentally falls in the water, it can float*.
  • EASY AND INTUITIVE: thanks to its advanced touchscreen system and to its optimized commands, in few seconds AXONE 4 allows you, through a simple procedure, to perform the correct diagnosis.
  • MAXIMUM FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: AXONE 4 automatically connects via Bluetooth to the devices and to TEXA equipment and is capable of communicating with more tools and manages them simultaneously.
  • CAMERA: a camera allows you to gather all the necessary shots in order to, for example, order the right spare part.
  • MAXIMUM CONNECTIVITY: AXONE 4 is equipped with Bluetooth and a Wi-Fi card allowing it to access Internet through the workshop’s wireless network or through the use of a common smartphone in “hot spot” mode.
  • HIGH CAPACITY BATTERIES: thanks to the presence of 2 batteries and to a power supply system refined by TEXA’s engineers, AXONE 4 can operate for 8 consecutive hours without having to be recharged.**
  • DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED by TEXA: the design and the production are guaranteed by the strict standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949.
  • VOIP KIT: thanks to the VOIP KIT and to the Internet connection, with AXONE 4 you can contact TEXA’s call centre directly.***
AXONE 4 includes the incredible IDC4 PREMIUM software that offers:
  • ECCEPTONAL SIMPLICITY: the icon menu allows you to see all the available functions and applications and to select them with a simple touch.
  • EXTRAORDINARY COVERAGE: IDC4 PREMIUM provides an extraordinary diagnostic coverage with 5 distinct environments (CAR, BIKE, TRUCK, AGRI, MARINE) for a total of over 320.000 different possible diagnosis selections. Unbeatable!****
  • INTEGRATED TECHNICAL INFORMATION: the wiring diagrams and the mechanical data are perfectly integrated for a complete and reliable diagnosis.
  • DIAGNOSIS for DASHBOARDS: graphic representation of the diagnosed systems that provides, using intuitive and catchy graphics, the functioning logic of the system itself.
  • ADVANCED DIAGNOSIS WITH SPECIAL FUNCTIONS: it allows you to choose particular diagnostic operations such as the coding of the remote controls, the particulate filter regeneration, the display language change, the battery replacement.
  • MANUFACTURERS LINK: it allows you to access the official websites of the manufacturers for all the technical information related to the single vehicles.
  • SPARE PART CATALOGUES LINK: it allows a direct connection with the major spare part manufacturers/dealers in order to consult in real time the catalogue of the spare parts needed to repair the vehicle.
  • DUAL MODE DISPLAY: it shows, on the same screen, the information gathered from different tools such as that related to the electronic diagnosis and the oscilloscope signal.
  • VOIP CALLS TO THE CALL CENTER E TELE-ASSISTANCE***: you can contact a TEXA operator who will be able to view in real time your diagnosis tests and, if necessary, remotely control the tool.
…and much more!

IDC4 Premium will give***** you the opportunity to enter the world of TEXA APPs, the revolution that TEXA is introducing into the world of diagnosis and vehicle repair. You will be able to download directly from TEXA’s on-line store the new applications by customising your tool according to your various needs.

Until December 2012 AXONE 4 also gives you:

  1. A 3 month trial of the SOLVED FAULTS service, thanks to which you can access over 5.000 cases of the most frequent faults already solved and tested by TEXA.
  2. SUPERCAR software on AXONE 4 CAR (of the value of 1.000 euro) to perform diagnoses on sport vehicles (SUPERCAR) and to operate on makes such as FERRARI, LAMBORGHINI, MASERATI, MORGAN, PAGANI, PORSCHE;
  3. OHW (OFF HIGHWAY) software on AXONE 4 TRUCK for the diagnosis on agricultural machines (for example JOHN DEERE, SAME, CNH, FENDT, VALTRA) and CONSTRUCTION vehicles like VOLVO, TEREX, FIAT HITACHI, KOMATSU and many more.


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