The new solution from TEXA designed to revolutionise vehicle repair

This innovative little device plugs directly into the vehicle's own diagnostic socket and records all functioning the parameters and errors handled by EOBD protocol.

We all know that some faults only occur under specific conditions, problems like power loss only in a certain rev range, or warning lights and sensors flagging faults under particular conditions. And we know these problems are almost impossible to solve in the garage.
OBD Log records all such errors on an internal chip so that you can view them quickly and easily on your PC.
You can simply install OBD Log  in your car. OBD Log will continue to record all relevant data while your customer drives around normally.

OBD Log is a sophisticated diagnostic device that plugs directly into a vehicle's OBD socket without impeding normal vehicle use in any way.
Its small size and the fact that it is totally automatic mean that you can install it on any type of vehicle (Euro2 or later for petrol engines and Euro4 or later for diesels), and simply leave it record engine parameters for days or even a week at a time.
OBD Log features a cyclical memory that writes the latest data over the oldest if no error is detected.
At the end of the monitoring period, you can download recorded data for viewing on your PC using the OBD Log Software Suite with its simple and intuitive graphic interface.
This intelligent software suite lets you view recorded parameters for actual trips, giving precise information on the actual time that the fault occurred.
Depending on whether an error is detected or not, either a red or a green icon appears alongside the trip description. If the icon is red in colour, the software immediately displays further details so that you can analyse the parameters involved.
The OBD Log offers a whole new approach to customer relations

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